How to sweeten your tea or coffee when you are out of sugar. Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 

It’s early, you are getting ready to start your day. You pour a cup of coffee (or tea) and OH NO, the sugar bowl is empty!! What to do??


Cupcakes Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Jake: “Mom can I have a cupcake?”


A parking lot rant Thursday, Jun 25 2009 

Almost every time I am driving in a big parking lot I come across someone who is driving cross-ways over the parking spots in the parking lot. I hate that! Now although I can be a little…..


I am an Army Brat! Sunday, Jun 21 2009 


Any military brat will recognize right away that this photo was taken on a military base. In this instance the year was 1968 and it was taken at Ft. Campbell KY. Those who have lived and/or worked on military bases would have spotted the army housing and the stickers on the front bumper. (more…)

What is Social Networking? Monday, Jun 15 2009 

There’s a saying, “It’s not What you know, it’s WHO you know.”. That is a true statement. There are so many other elements to networking that sometimes get overlooked. So what is social networking? What is networking for?


Can You Help Your Doctor? Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

I write about my health to encourage others to take charge of their health care and to drive their own.

My grandma used to say “Doctors don’t know everything, they are just practicing”.


I wish for the days of “paper or plastic?” Tuesday, Jun 2 2009 

It seems like each time I purchase anything from any place and I use a debit card I have to push 800 buttons and answer a million questions before I can complete my purchase.