Almost every time I am driving in a big parking lot I come across someone who is driving cross-ways over the parking spots in the parking lot. I hate that! Now although I can be a little…..

..anal is the word … I’m not so anal that I think everyone should follow all the rules and drive up the aisles in a even fashion BUT really, is it taking up that much more of your time to go all the way to the end of an aisle and drive in the driving areas rather than cross the parking space?

I can’t count the number of times I have driven through a aisle to have someone come charging across the parking spaces and not even watching where they are going. Then they are surprized when you honk at them. Like is your fault for driving in the parking lot.

There is my parking lot rant.. and I will leave you with a funny story (only because Bob didn’t get hurt). My friend Bob (a guy who works in insurance) was driving through the parking spaces and had a sneezing fit and hit one of the cement columns that has the light poles on them. I suppose he found out why they have cement bottoms.. so he didn’t knock the light pole over onto other cars. Bob was fine but the car-totaled!

Seriously, don’t drive through the lanes expecting people to look out for you. Drive in the aisles. You don’t want me to have to have a parking lot rant again.