Great Day Sunday, Nov 23 2008 

Of course I miss members of the family when they are gone for a period of time. As it happened this weekend, Christian and Ashlyn went to an overnight youth event and Hally went to spend the night at a friends and stayed all day. That left me and Jake.


Pants Shopping Sunday, Nov 16 2008 

So, I have this event and I need some nice pants. They don’t have to be super expensive looking or anything, just professional looking. I head out to the store..


What do you want to be when you grow up? Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 

It’s a question my internal voice has been asking for almost 43 years. What do I want to be when I grow up?


The Republican Party… Wednesday, Nov 5 2008 

*Ring, Ring, Ring…”Hello, this is the Republican party” (caller) “Hi, yeah..this is your wake up call”. (more…)

School for… Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

For quite some time I have noticed that there is a job that is going rapidly, down hill. Back in the day it seemed like they had some pride, they cared about it, they took their time and they actually knew what they were doing.


Daylight Savings time. Monday, Nov 3 2008 

I have lived in Arizona since 2002 and one of the major adjustments coming from East to West was daylight savings time….


What on EARTH am I going to do with all that candy??? Sunday, Nov 2 2008 

Every year our kids go out trick-or-treating. Of course we have noticed over the years that our children are consuming more and more candy. We can’t keep them from getting this candy, it just majically appears. So what on earth do we do with this candy???