I often hear friends talk about their desire to serve or lead. They feel they would like to teach or lead but then I hear them say to me “Who am I do to this?”. I have even said those words in the past.

Even Moses doubted his greatness …. Exodus 3:11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”

It’s funny that we, as creations of God, do this. What is it that makes us think we are not good enough. I believe that sometimes that is the message many take away from sermons and studies. “I’m not good enough”. The lessons in the Bible are not to make us feel bad and unworthy but rather, to show that there are many a regular every day man (or woman) who served in a big way. These people did not have pre-requisites spelled out by God… they did not always have a degree in theology or take leadership classes or speaking classes. These were every day people and often times, the least or marginalized or smallest of the bunch.

For most of us seeking Gods will, it’s right in front of us usually. If you have a passion or a flame that burns on a certain issue or some thought you can’t get rid of on changing the world (or your bit of the world) then that’s probably what you should be doing. There’s no clay tablet with your destiny on it, there’s no burning bush… The drive that you have is what you should be doing.

God didn’t create human beings to think negatively. We need to be confident in who we are because of our origins, creation in God’s image. We are created for greatness and we are created to think ” Who am I NOT to be doing this?”. Our thinking has become backward. We are great because that’s what God made humans to be, our experiences (that funny thing called life) is what qualifies us, we are not created for doubt but to life a rich and full life giving to others and serving others. In doing that… well.. it’s where the blessings come in.

That is the sort of legacy we need to leave for this earth.

In verse 12 God says to Moses…. “I will be with you.” What more do you need to pursue that passion? You don’t need to be sanctioned by a pastor or a choir leader or teacher in your church, you already have it.. it’s been given to you by God and no one trumps that.

So… if there is something you desire to do, if there is someone you desire to be, know that you have already been commissioned and don’t need any persons permission to be the person you desire to be.

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