Why are Americans getting fat? Wednesday, Feb 17 2010 

I have noticed over the last couple of decades that Americans as a general population have gotten bigger with each decade. I started noticing this in the 90’s when I went to the beach. (more…)

How to Set Goals Thursday, Jul 30 2009 

I was on a blog talk radio show today and we were talking about goal setting. It’s easy enough to write down a bunch of stuff you want to do but it’s not always easy how to figure out what you want. Lots of people want to set them but they don’t know how to set goals. (more…)

How to sweeten your tea or coffee when you are out of sugar. Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 

It’s early, you are getting ready to start your day. You pour a cup of coffee (or tea) and OH NO, the sugar bowl is empty!! What to do??


Cupcakes Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Jake: “Mom can I have a cupcake?”


School for… Tuesday, Nov 4 2008 

For quite some time I have noticed that there is a job that is going rapidly, down hill. Back in the day it seemed like they had some pride, they cared about it, they took their time and they actually knew what they were doing.