Lee Jeans, You Get It! Friday, Dec 4 2009 

Dear Lee Jeans,

You totally get me, I love you for getting that women have curves!


An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry Saturday, Oct 3 2009 

Dear Fashion Industry:

I would like to start by asking… WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT the hell are you thinking people?


I wish for the days of “paper or plastic?” Tuesday, Jun 2 2009 

It seems like each time I purchase anything from any place and I use a debit card I have to push 800 buttons and answer a million questions before I can complete my purchase.


Pants Shopping Sunday, Nov 16 2008 

So, I have this event and I need some nice pants. They don’t have to be super expensive looking or anything, just professional looking. I head out to the store..


Tramp or Treat! Saturday, Oct 18 2008