How my daughters raised money for the Haiti Earthquake by leveraging Monday, Feb 1 2010 

I am very proud of my daughters who raised some money for Haiti. Hally is 11 and Ashlyn is 14. Their youth leader from their youth group at church challenged the 30 kids to raise $1000 total for the whole group. This is an amount that all the kids agreed to.

Lots of kids had different ideas on how to raise the money. One of my daughters got a can and took it to school and collected from students and staff and she raised $40.oo, that is a great amount from collecting for 3 days. My other daughter raised over $1100. Here is what she did…


Serving in the Church. Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

If you have ever attended any sort of christian church for any length of time, you most likely have been asked to “serve” in the church. There are many areas for people to serve.. but … not really. There seems to be 4 major areas that you can serve in; worship (ushering, working the sound board, behind the scenes making sure things go smoothly), welcoming (greeters, bulletin passer outers, refreshment managers etc), set up (those churches who meet in buildings they don’t own and have to set up for all the glitz and glam band shows) and childrens ministries.Ya might even have some missions in there somewhere…

No one job is more important than another, these tasks are all needed to make a traditional service happen. People are needed to run these areas, and they should if that is what they desire.

Many people feel that they would like to serve in some way… some even feel guilty when they don’t “serve” in the way the church is set up. So what should someone do when they don’t have  a desire to serve in those areas? (more…)

The Letter Z Thursday, Oct 15 2009 

Jake: “I think the letter Z is going to become extinct.”

Me: “Why?”

Jake: “Because it doesn’t get used very much.”

Me: “Well if Z was extinct… you couldn’t get a prize”

Jake: “….I think we should keep the letter Z.”

My 9-11 Baby Friday, Aug 14 2009 

Today I’m celebrating my son’s birthday. He was born 14 August 2001. When I meet other moms who have a son or daughter who was born that same year I wonder if they felt the way I did back then.


What’s the big deal about Facebook? Thursday, Aug 13 2009 

Over a  year and a half ago my friend, Nancy, from college, kept inviting me to join Facebook. I kept thinking I didn’t want to join another web community. Then I came across my friend Andy on another website and he mentioned it, and that there were a lot of friends from college on there… so.. I relented.


Cupcakes Friday, Jun 26 2009 

Jake: “Mom can I have a cupcake?”


Great Day Sunday, Nov 23 2008 

Of course I miss members of the family when they are gone for a period of time. As it happened this weekend, Christian and Ashlyn went to an overnight youth event and Hally went to spend the night at a friends and stayed all day. That left me and Jake.


What do you want to be when you grow up? Wednesday, Nov 12 2008 

It’s a question my internal voice has been asking for almost 43 years. What do I want to be when I grow up?


What on EARTH am I going to do with all that candy??? Sunday, Nov 2 2008 

Every year our kids go out trick-or-treating. Of course we have noticed over the years that our children are consuming more and more candy. We can’t keep them from getting this candy, it just majically appears. So what on earth do we do with this candy???


Conversation with a 7 year old boy Thursday, Oct 30 2008 

*Me noticing my son with a faux hawk this morning after the faux hawk fell during the day at school yesterday. (more…)