It’s early, you are getting ready to start your day. You pour a cup of coffee (or tea) and OH NO, the sugar bowl is empty!! What to do??

You panic, your blood starts racing and your heart starts pounding. You look in the cabinet and the large container of sugar is empty. You look to see if a bag of sugar magically showed up (even though you know you haven’t recently purchased one) to no avail. Now what? Can’t drink that soothing hot drink with no sweetener.

Those of you who know me know that I would never suggest anything like equal (because that coverts to formaldehyde in your body) or saccarin (that converts to chlorine in your body)…. don’t spend your life enbalming yourself.

Here is what you can do. Get yourself together, I know it’s early but if you mentally prepare you can avoid such tragedies. The more obvious solution would be to use honey. Honey is a great substitute for sugar, especially if it’s local honey because that helps with allergies (local honey, local pollens, builds immunity), then there’s corn syrup (OK it’s better than the stuff mentioned in the last paragraph) and while we are on the baking shelf perhaps the brown sugar, but here are a couple of things you might not think of like candy. Eh, find a piece of candy(if you have kids, you have candy) that isn’t very offensive (sour candies are gross) something like a SweeTart or a jawbreaker, or if you want to jazz it up, perhaps a mint or piece of chocolate or even a lemon drop.  If you can’t find any of those, you can resort to the sprinkles in the cabinet.

If you go through and find that you have all that stuff in your cabinets, then you might not even need the caffein, you may find your heart racing at the fact that you have that many sugary items in your house. Sugar isn’t just the white stuff you find in your sugar bowl, it’s in everything everywhere. Take a mental note of all the sugar in your house and think about how much you actually consume in a day or a week.

Interesting huh?