It seems like each time I purchase anything from any place and I use a debit card I have to push 800 buttons and answer a million questions before I can complete my purchase.

It used to be that we could walk in a store, make a purchase and leave. Now I feel like I have to take a survey or take a math test before I can even think of giving them my money. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to hear about their great offer! How am I supposed to chit chat with the sales associate or anyone in line if I have to go through this drill:

“If you sign up for a credit card you can save 20% on today’s purchase”, “Can I get your phone number?”, “do you want one of our anti-rip off cards?” “would you like cash back?”, “do you need stamps?”, “do you want to donate money to…?”, “do you want to keep the gift card?”, “if you save your gift card and put $60 on it you can see over 10 movies this summer”, “would you like help out?”, WHAT’S Next?? “would you like a wake up call?”, “would you like me to walk your dog for an extra 20 bucks?”

Seriously store!! Just let me make a simple purchase, swipe my card, enter the pin # and let me GO!