Christmas Gift Rant Wednesday, Dec 9 2009 

It’s that time of year! I absolutely love Christmas, everything about Christmas transforms the look of everything. Riding down my street …I just LOVE seeing all the holiday lights and decorations. I love seeing the lit trees in the windows, big bows on cars and all that stuff…. and on the inside of homes there is the tree and ornaments and stockings and decorations and table runners and seasonal candles that warm the room with the scent of cinnamon or pine.. I absolutely love it. I even look forward to a big meal and making it.

There’s one thing I hate about Christmas though….


Lee Jeans, You Get It! Friday, Dec 4 2009 

Dear Lee Jeans,

You totally get me, I love you for getting that women have curves!


An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry Saturday, Oct 3 2009 

Dear Fashion Industry:

I would like to start by asking… WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT the hell are you thinking people?


I wish for the days of “paper or plastic?” Tuesday, Jun 2 2009 

It seems like each time I purchase anything from any place and I use a debit card I have to push 800 buttons and answer a million questions before I can complete my purchase.


Pants Shopping Sunday, Nov 16 2008 

So, I have this event and I need some nice pants. They don’t have to be super expensive looking or anything, just professional looking. I head out to the store..