Conned by a 13 year old girl. Friday, Oct 31 2008 

So with all the discussion about what is hoochie…Dad takes the oldest girl to the store to get a “sheet” for a ghost costume….and they come home with…


Conversation with a 7 year old boy Thursday, Oct 30 2008 

*Me noticing my son with a faux hawk this morning after the faux hawk fell during the day at school yesterday. (more…)

The Husband’s Poll Wednesday, Oct 29 2008 

So “the husband” is taking an un-official poll on who you are voting for. Take a look.

I have an obsession. Monday, Oct 27 2008 

I can’t help myself… I just can’t walk past them.


What kind of citizen are you? Saturday, Oct 25 2008 

Do you consider yourself a citizen of your town/city? Maybe you consider yourself a citizen of your state or your country.


I’m sticking it to you.. Friday, Oct 24 2008 

It’s one of those little annoyances…..


2,4,6,8 Who do you appreciate? Thursday, Oct 23 2008 

Who in, in your life, do you appreciate? Who has mentored you? Who has spoken important words into your life? Who influenced you in a positive way? Who do you see on a regular basis that brings joy into your life? Who do you see that works hard to be a good influence to others?


Tramp or Treat! Saturday, Oct 18 2008 



Christian Nation Friday, Oct 17 2008 

I hear people say something like this all the time; “This is a Christian Nation, we need to keep it a christian nation”. I have a question about that….


Woman In Chains Sunday, Oct 12 2008 

Men and women are so different; or so many say. Although there may be some nuances in the differnt ways that men and women express themselves we are esentially the same. Equal. Now, I’m not one of those NOW, freakazoid, man hating, I don’t need anyone else kind of woman.


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