Why would anyone go to a Naturopath? Saturday, May 30 2009 

I am friends with a lot of very conservative people. Some have even seen natural medicine as being from the devil or bordering on dabbling in witchcraft. I have other friends who have just always trusted MDs because that’s what they grew up with and that’s who they just go to.


Why do people blog? Tuesday, May 26 2009 

I started my blog in the Fall last year. My husband has been blogging for quite some time whether it was on someone elses interactive blog or his own. For a long time I wasn’t sure what blogging was and thought that it was probably pretty complicated.


Two Ends of the Hormonal Spectrum Sunday, May 17 2009 

Here is my latest post:

My husband has been annoyed at the growling and gnashing of teeth because he believes it’s a step mom issue when really it’s a hormone issue. It’s amazing what a home is like when there are 2 females in the home going through a hormone change. Having a 13 year old in with a perimenopausal woman is not ideal but a common scenario.

I’m all ears if anyone has advice to offer. This is the rough part.


step Mother’s Day Sunday, May 10 2009 

Since my dad was in the Army, we moved around a lot and usually didn’t live near either set of grandparents. So… growing up, on Mother’s Day, it was all about my mom. There are 6 kids in my family and my parents are still together after 55 years this year. We would all go to church, have a meal and the day would be all about my mom, an army wife, a mother to 6 kids, a choir singer, church board member, employee etc etc. My mom is an amazing lady and I still don’ t know how she is still sane after raising all 6 of us kids with all the moves and changes.

Now that I have my own kids, of course, I appreciate what she did all the more; the sacrifices made, the energy she put in and what she got in return (which kids don’t always understand ..not til they get older). She was the role model I had for raising a family.While she was very successful,┬áthat model doesn’t exactly fit my family now. (more…)

Your Body Is Talking To You Friday, May 8 2009 

That’s right, your body talks to you and it tells you how to take care of it. (more…)

I’m too young for this. Sunday, May 3 2009 

I found a website for women that is great for encouraging women to take charge of their own health issues. It’s called www.EmpowHer.com They have a great contributing staff and answer a lot of questions. It’s a great community. It’s such a great place I decided to share my own experience and write for them.