I write about my health to encourage others to take charge of their health care and to drive their own.

My grandma used to say “Doctors don’t know everything, they are just practicing”.

Growing up I thought that was just her play on words humor but as I grow older and have different experiences with doctors I am finding this statement to be more true. Doctors know a lot but they are human and they don’t know everything. They also don’t live in your body.

I recently wrote this article to encourage anyone to share what works for them with their doctor. Sometimes they could do with some fresh information.

“When I went in for a visit with my OB/GYN last week I reminded him of what had gone on a year ago. That I had asked for something natural and that he was thinking of putting me back on the pill. I did so in a kind way. Then he asked when my last period was, I told him last May. It’s official, I’m menopausal. He asked what I was currently doing for my symptoms. I told him that I loved the progesterone and that my pharmacist had me on a multi, calcium, vit C, and adrenal support supplements. I told him that I felt tons better and sleep and have energy and no hot flashes with this supplemental plan.”

In my article, I write of my experience and what I said to my doctor to let him know I chose the option he didn’t offer and that it worked for me.