Lately my husband has been really busy. He’s getting up a lot earlier because our oldest daughter, Ashlyn, is going to a school our of our zone and he has to drop Ashlyn off at his moms house to catch the bus. Then he’s going to a job that sucks any energy he might have been able to conserve.

He’s got this thing lately about wanting to do everything himself . I offer to assist him with the things he needs to do so I can help him save some of that energy but that’s a no go.

Last night at 7:00 he says, “OK I’m going to go get some cupcake mix and frosting.”. A dust/rain storm had just blown in… and I thought we were settled in for the night except that Ashlyn had to be picked up from her debate at some point. (She’s also on debate and Hally is practicing for the school musical and he has been picking them up after school as well.) Apparently he had promised his Sunday school class he would make them some cupcakes.

I was annoyed, “Why didn’t you let me know you needed cup cake mix and frosting, I was just at the store, I could have gotten them?” His response… “I’ve got it covered.”

So he trots off to the store, gets his mix, comes home, mixes it and pours it in the muffin tin and bakes. While it’s in the oven I ask “Did you put any cupcake papers in the tin first?” His response “Uhhhh, Oh crap!”.

When they finish baking he pulls them out. In the mean time he has picked up the oldest from her debate. After they cool he starts frosting them and after he has frosted about 6 of them, I notice that he hasn’t mixed the funfetti in. “Aren’t you supposed to mix the funfetti in?” He picks up the container to look at the directions and Ashlyn walks in the kitchen and says “You’re supposed to mix that stuff in first.” Christian: “Oh, I just thought you were supposed to pour it on top.” So he mixes the rest in and continues to finish frosting the rest of his naked, paperless cupcakes.

First thing this morning Hally trounces down the stairs to the kitchen, looks at the cup cakes and asks “Are those muffins?”

It’s OK honey, you got it handled.