How my daughters raised money for the Haiti Earthquake by leveraging Monday, Feb 1 2010 

I am very proud of my daughters who raised some money for Haiti. Hally is 11 and Ashlyn is 14. Their youth leader from their youth group at church challenged the 30 kids to raise $1000 total for the whole group. This is an amount that all the kids agreed to.

Lots of kids had different ideas on how to raise the money. One of my daughters got a can and took it to school and collected from students and staff and she raised $40.oo, that is a great amount from collecting for 3 days. My other daughter raised over $1100. Here is what she did…


What do you want for Christmas? Wednesday, Dec 3 2008 

When I was a kid I wanted EVERYTHING for Christmas. Anything that was on TV, anything someone else had, anything at all…. even clothes (ok, cool clothes and those are never the ones I got). Now that I’m older, I dread the question. At my age I have everything I need and don’t want for much, and things I do want are things people don’t want to do… like golf lessons or pay for a course I want to take. So this year I finally figured out what I want for Christmas!!!