I’m too young for this. Sunday, May 3 2009 

I found a website for women that is great for encouraging women to take charge of their own health issues. It’s called www.EmpowHer.com They have a great contributing staff and answer a lot of questions. It’s a great community. It’s such a great place I decided to share my own experience and write for them.


My Cup of Tea ~o) Sunday, Apr 26 2009 

As I grew into adulthood I could never did like the smell of coffee. My mom was more of a tea drinker so I followed suit. I have always been a tea drinker and love my tea.


Tools Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

As I was preparing some side dishes for a big family dinner this weekend, I had a lot of blending and slicing to do. (more…)

Are you Crazy?? Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

As I find myself liking the options that my “western” doctor gives me less and less, the more I have been seeking out alternatives and here is something I have figured out…..


Laid off? Friday, Feb 20 2009 

I know of so many people who are job searching. Tons of people are getting laid off which means it’s more difficult to find another job. There are two ways to look at getting laid off: (more…)

Investments Thursday, Feb 12 2009 

Hey that’s a big buzz word right now. Especially in this economy. So many people are concerned with their investments right now and are focused on salvaging.


Integration Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

I just don’t have a snappy opening for this one folks.


In A Trance Friday, Jan 2 2009 

We have all probably done it. In the morning you get in your car, you drive to work and magically you are there, you don’t even remember the trip there. It’s like you snapped your fingers like Samantha from Bewitched and there you were…


Resolutions Sunday, Dec 21 2008 

Now that the end of the year is coming up I know so many people review and think about resolutions.


Change*** Monday, Dec 8 2008 

Change is not an easy thing for so many people. In so many areas I thrive on change, I just love it. In other areas, not as much. There are so many people I wish I could change and often think “they will never change” or “why can’t they see (fill in the blank)”. So what can I do to make a change and a difference to someone else?


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