Why are Americans getting fat? Wednesday, Feb 17 2010 

I have noticed over the last couple of decades that Americans as a general population have gotten bigger with each decade. I started noticing this in the 90’s when I went to the beach. (more…)


How you may be unwittingly putting toxins in your body. Sunday, Dec 13 2009 

So many people are doing detoxes to cleanse their livers and colons and even detoxes to cleanse the estrogens out of their system. Then they change their eating habits to make sure they aren’t putting the toxins back in and they are even switching their household cleaning products to less toxic products. They find ways to eliminate pharmaceutical drugs that are hard on the liver and find alternative treatments. That is a great thing to do for your body.

BUT! What is it that is toxic that you are exposing your body to every day??


What to know when you do a Detox or Cleanse Wednesday, Sep 16 2009 

I have observed quite a number of detoxes and cleanses every where I go, they are at the drug store, the grocery store, the chiropractor, compounding pharmacy and then there are lots of companies who offer some great detoxes and cleanses. If you have not done a detox or cleanse… or even if you have and have plans to do others.. there are questions you should ask: (more…)