There are tons of reasons to love Disney Land and Disney World. As a kid I remember my first trip to Disney World in Florida. It was the inaugural year and I was 6 or 7 years old. We had to have tickets for each ride.. haha. I went with my whole family, my parents and 5 siblings. I absolutely loved it.

I went again a few more times at different times in my life. I watched the park grow and the city around it. It’s been wonderful to grow up with that park and I carry so many memories. I have different experiences from each time I went, as a teen I went with my cousins and it was a whole new experience, as an adult and checked out Epcot…each time I went it was a new park.

This year I made my first trek to Disney Land in California. I had a couple of new experiences there. It was the first time I ever went with my own family-3 kids and my husband. It was great to see my son experience it because it was his first visit ever. My husband had taken the girls when they were younger and before we met.

I had an additional experience there that I thought was just wonderful and this is when it hit me. My oldest daughter bought a “Goofy” hat and wore it both days in the park. On our last night there when we were in line for our last ride… Space Mountain (my fav) and Ashlyn spotted another girl wearing the same hat. When they got close to each other as the line wrapped around Ashlyn said to the girl “hey, I like your hat!” and the girl giggled and said “Thanks!”. This girl was covered in clothing head to toe and was wearing a hijab. I loved that this girl was wearing traditional cultural dress and a Goofy hat!

That got me thinking about the many people I had seen those 2 days at the park. I had seen people in saris, I had seen many nationalities, I met a cute gay couple… I’m sure there was some of everyone there. I’m sure there were several religions represented there, there were many nations represented there, there were people from all walks of life right there in the same park.

That’s not totally unique, there are other situations where this occurs… there are lots of places where this can happen. What I believe is unique though, is that they all had the same agenda.

What is the agenda of everyone at a Disney park? To have fun! Disney is for everyone, anyone can have a good time there. I saw babies, I saw grandparent in wheel chairs, I saw teens, newlyweds, long time couples: the whole gamut.  Everyone’s goal is to have a great time!

Here is the other observation I made – No one cared about where people were from, what religion they were, what sexual orientation they were, or what they were wearing. They were all fixated on a good time. No one was rude or mean or belligerent. No one had anything negative to say to other people at the park who were “different” from themselves.

I believe that people are more the same than they are different. There really isn’t much that divides us and we all want the same things in live essentially.

What if the entire world were like Disney Land or Disney World? What if we all just set out to have a good time, enjoy our families and friends, what if we were kind to everyone around us? What would the world be like?

Just sayin”