I have noticed over the last couple of decades that Americans as a general population have gotten bigger with each decade. I started noticing this in the 90’s when I went to the beach.

I grew up going to Florida frequently. Although I grew up in a military family, my parents were originally from Sarasota FL. We visited my grandparents there and of course, we always made it out to the beach. I still find the beach peaceful and healing.

In the 70’s and 80’s I remember seeing lots of girls in bikinis (keeping my mind from going to a B52’s song) and guys in their jams or swim trunks. Most were rather slender. I grew up being the skinny girl. When I graduated from high school i was 105lbs and 5’4 1/2″. I wasn’t far below typical of girls in my age range. I have a small frame and I know that 105 is lower than typical of the medium frame.

When I was in college in the mid to late 80’s I didn’t have as much opportunity to hit the beach as my college was in Kentucky. After I left college and was in Florida I noticed that people there were a bit larger. Not just one or 2 but many. I wondered if people were getting bigger or were they just not as concerned with body type and enjoying the beach no matter what.

I left the country for a couple of years then came back, went to Florida and made the same observation. Same types of people going to the same beach yet they were yet even bigger.

All through the 90’s I witnessed the trend. It wasn’t just as people got older. It was the kids too. People in their 20s and teens. It wasn’t just the mommies and daddies who had kids and were getting older…. and it was the same into the 2000’s.

I kept wondering what was going on. Why were American’s getting so big. What is happening in this country?

We often hear about people not being able to control their eating habits. We also hear about how much fast food people eat. I had a hard time believing that people were having control issues on a massive scale. So.. in the last couple of years  I have been reading about it.

What I figured out was that the first wave of “healthy foods” were those fat-free foods. Those foods replaced fat with salts, sugars and chemicals. Then the second wave … sugar-free. The sugar is replaced with chemicals that clog up the system that processes the sugars.

All the while, the food industry is genetically engineering our food and has been shooting up animals with antibiotics and hormones. They are breeding bigger animals that can’t stand on their own legs and these animals are fed on corn. Corn is not the natural diet of most of the animals we consume. Speaking of CORN, hardly anything is made with real cane sugar anymore, not even candy, high fructose corn syrup has replaced almost all sugar in any products and it is IN EVERYTHING.

Start reading the labels, it’s seriously in everything. Canned juice, granola bars and much, much more. It’s hard to buy products without it unless you go strictly fruit and veggie in your diet (not canned because those fruits have it too).

If we start purchasing more organics and foods that contain real sugar (sugar is addictive and has no nutritional value but at least it’s not as offensive as corn syrup) then more places will sell it.

If you have not seen the movie Food Inc I highly recommend it. We think we are protected by the government but they are NOT regulating food well enough and partly they are to blame for this mess. They should not be subsidizing the corn industry to create this corn syrup (which is cheaper than sugar) they should be eliminating it from our food sources.

If you are not having any luck, take a look at the TYPE of calories you are consuming. It’s not completely your fault… Read the labels, read what’s in your food, if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably not fit for human consumption. Your doctor might tell you that calories are calories but she really should be telling you that a raw diet is the best diet for you, humans are designed to eat mostly fruits, veggies and nuts with some meats and maybe the occasional dairy.

Don’t take my word for it, read up on it.