Who is it that you are waiting on?

When we talk about women waiting on people we commonly think about serving them. We think about how we do our kids laundry and pick up our husbands socks but it seems like we are also waiting on people in another way.

Most of my friends say things like this “I would like to go on a trip to Colorado but my husband has too much work to do” or “I would like to hike but I don’t have anyone to hike with”. I’d like to get the house painted but my dad said he’d help me and now he’s sick”. Have you heard your friends say things like this? Are you yourself saying things like this?

Do you realize that you don’t have to wait? Your husband doesn’t have to go on every trip with you, you can hike by yourself or put yourself out there and make some new friends… heck.. put it on your Facebook “Who want’s to go hiking?” and why wait on someone else to start a project. Start it yourself. Do it on your own.

When you take action, you inspire those around you. If you wait on others to get going.. it may never happen. When you want to get a business going and your partner isn’t moving, move forward on your own.

Stop waiting on others, move on and start it yourself (hey, maybe they are waiting on YOU to start things up).

Ideas have value, but actions get rewards.

What are you going to start today?