I am very proud of my daughters who raised some money for Haiti. Hally is 11 and Ashlyn is 14. Their youth leader from their youth group at church challenged the 30 kids to raise $1000 total for the whole group. This is an amount that all the kids agreed to.

Lots of kids had different ideas on how to raise the money. One of my daughters got a can and took it to school and collected from students and staff and she raised $40.oo, that is a great amount from collecting for 3 days. My other daughter raised over $1100. Here is what she did…

She goes to a school that requires the students to wear uniforms. She went to the principal and got permission to have a free dress day where the students could wear whatever they want, on a designated day, when they donated a dollar. It was a win-win. Kids like to wear their own clothes, they also like to help people but many times aren’t sure how they can help. My daughter enabled them to help by offering something they wanted for just one dollar. Brilliant!

They both leveraged several people. The first with a collection can and asking for donations from people she knew. Very effective. The second leveraged nearly the entire school of 600 students.. not just the ones she knows. She collected over $500 and one of her teachers matched the amount as long as she was promised anonymity in return.

I am so proud of them for helping others who are in a desperate situation and blowing the goal out of the water. Their group raised over $2500 not including the money raised from proceeds one student got from a pizza place who was willing to donate a dollar from each sale one day.

Getting many people excited about something like this is so easy… even teens can do it. If kids can do it.. what can you do?