THERE! I said it!

Giant handbags are “IN” right now and seems like most women have one (or one in each color). I don’t carry one because I would turn into the MOM pack mule, it’s not my style.

I understand that YOU might want to carry a GIANT handbag but need to watch it. Think of it as an extension of your body or better yet.. like a baby, Protect it! Keep it close to you and don’t let anyone touch it.

Would you walk around hitting people in the arm with your baby? I don’t think so.

The worst is when you are sitting in public, perhaps enjoying a cup of tea and then WHAM! Here come some big GIANT purse smacking you upside the head… takes ya back to the dinner table back in the day when you said something sassy and Mama slapped you upside the head.

PLEASE, carry your GIANT hand bag responsibly and QUIT hitting me with it!