Really it does! I’m sure of it.

For many women, the bathtub is a refuge especially if they have kids. Even before I had kids there were times when I would come home from a hard day at work, grab a glass of wine, light up some candles and pour myself a hot bubble bath and then melt inside of it.

It seems that people know not to disturb people in the bathtub. When I had a room-mate, she would let me chill when she heard the tub running.. she knew the international signal for “I want so peace”. (The other symbol was the glass of wine I would pour before I even sat down after I walked in from work). The kids hear my bath and they know not to knock on the door (I can’t even get that for anything else in the bathroom!!)… the bath is a place for me to re-group.

The problem is…

The world inside my bathtub spins faster…

I have this whole ritual. Depending on the time of day… I make a drink of some sort, hot tea usually but sometimes wine. Sometimes I take a bowl of nuts or some cut up fruit.  I light some candles. I like bubbles or a Salus bath bomb and/or some Epsom salts.  At night I have most of the bathroom lights off and the bedroom lights too. It’s a nice garden tub and it’s mostly surrounded by windows. I LOVE my bath time.

WHAT happens in there? I get it today (and this happens all the time) I have all this time before I need to be some place or move on to a task like today.. I got in the bath at 10 AM and 10 minutes later it’s 11 AM!! How does that happen?? It didn’t FEEL like an hour. What happened to my hour. I should have been out 15 minutes before that.

Another element that I didn’t mention is that the bathtub is one of the few places I can read. If I try to read a book when I lay in my bed… I’m out. If I sit on the couch with a book … no matter how good the book is.. I’m sleeping. I can read if I am sitting and waiting some place like the doctors office or the Social Security office (in between people watching).  In public though.. it doesn’t seem to make the time move fast, just in the tub.

Hrm… maybe I’ll just take my book and go sit in some doctors office…”uh, do you have an appointment?”… “No, I’m just trying to read my book”.

I am convinced that tubs are built in a different dimension. I need a tub clock that moves on tub time.