Dear Lee Jeans,

You totally get me, I love you for getting that women have curves!

I found you just hanging out at the VF Outlet shop. I noticed you made several styles and colors of denim for me to try on. I also noticed that you made several cuts and lengths.

On a whim, I took a chance on you. I grabbed one pair off the rack real quick while my kids were trying on clothes. I hurried into the dressing room and put them on, and WOW OMG.. Jeans That Fit!! On the first try.

You even know how to properly size them. I was amazed I didn’t have to go back for several sizes.

A few days later I had to meet you again, I had to go back for more. WHAT do ya know? I found 3 more that fit!

Do you know how hard it is for women to find ONE decent pair of jeans that fit right? Do you have any idea how many pairs we take into the dressing rooms? All of them.. that’s right.. we take every pair into the dressing rooms and try them all on.

I have a small waist and carry all my weight in my thighs.  Usually when I can get jeans to fit the thighs, I can fit a whole other person into the waist area. It’s so hard to find them to fit both areas.

Oh… and your denim.. it’s a little stretchy but not too stretchy, they don’t bag out by the end of the day. You also make it thick enough so that it covers all the dimples and bumps I don’t want everyone to see.

Thank you Lee Jeans.. You get that women have curves… You get that we like several styles … you get that we don’t want our jeans skin-tight on our thighs and don’t want everyone seeing our underwear every time we bend over.

I will definitely be back to show you more love… I can’t stop thinking about you!



*Lee Jeans has no idea who I am. I purchased these jeans on my own and decided to write this love letter and am receiving no compensation for writing this. HOWEVER, if Lee Jeans wanted to thank me in some way, I would gladly accept 😀