Dear Fashion Industry:

I would like to start by asking… WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT the hell are you thinking people?

OK, we get it, you were going retro on the patterns and styles. You took us back to the 70s… got ya, could you quit it now? How long am I going to have to look for a top before I find one with a pattern that I can stomach or that doesn’t make me sick. What sort of drugs are you people taking that makes you think these patterns are in any way attractive? I have found about 4 blouses in 2 years that I will purchase and wear.

Sometimes i find a reasonable pattern and then… ya make the top all wrong.. I mean really, if it’s supposed to gather under the chest then whose chest are you measuring from? usually I find the gathering part right in the middle of my chest and am having to pull my top down because it rides up all day… it’s like the top is on a ride at the Fair! THEN when I look at business shirts… ya know.. the ones that button down the front and have long sleeves…What the hell with that too? Whatever happened to DARTS? I have curves! I don’t have to be a sexy hot mama when I’m doing business but I would like people to know I’m  a female and not a 16 year old skinny boy! ..and the thing with the length.. WHEN are you going to be done with these 3/4 length sleeves? Make them go all the way down to the wrists already!!!

NOW.. pants (or trousers if you are European) again.. what the hell!?!? I am tired of seeing every ones ass! Low rise is only sexy on a very small portion of the population… 20-30 year old females who are between 95 and 115 lbs. I sick of walking into my kids school and seeing every ones ass… girls.. boys .. whom ever. Can’t you just make some pants that at least go up to the belly button? I know there are belts.. I see the belts.. the kids just don’t get the purpose of the belts.

Speaking of belly button… again, I am female and have a shape…. just because the widest point on my body is my thighs it doesn’t mean my waste is that wide…CURVES people. I have a small waist and a ghetto butt! I have the thighs to go with it. Can’t you go back to making pants that fit my waist as well as the rest of my body? I feel like I could shop in the mens department and get better fitting pants.. AND you hem mens pants for FREE where womens alterations are not free.

….AND seriously jeans? Really? Can’t you make some pretty jeans that don’t have anything written on the ass? …same with the pants.. make some for people with curves?

Come on start thinking about patterns and shapes… this is Kindergarten stuff. Make us some pretty clothes that fit and cover up what they need to…

….I’m just sayin’…


Charlotte Salafia