“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” John Lennon

I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting on the past. When I looked up quotes about the past most of them addressed negative issues… whether our past holds us back or hangs over us or drags us down.  I didn’t like any of the quotes.

I agree that it’s not good to live in the past… it’s better to let the negative things go…. but what about the good things in our past? Shouldn’t we reflect on that sometimes?

Again, it’s not good to live in the past whether good or bad… but there are some things back there than can give inspiration…things that compel..

Have you ever been up at night and seen those “HIT’S FROM the 70’s” commercials? Even though I was  a little kid in the 70’s… it takes me back. That music is a time stamp of culture.

Last weekend I went to see my all time favorite band The B-52s. For a week I was on YouTube looking at all their old music videos and then I took a journey into a lot of old 80’s music. If you are my facebook friend, I’m sure you already figured it out. I posted a lot of old B-52’s, Kate Bush, Heatwave, Rick James, New Order, Wham, U2 and more. It’s an instant time machine, I can think about all the good times I had, all the friends I made, all the dreams I had. Wait.. what? Dreams?

I have long since gotten over the pain of junior high and high school and college. I don’t bring that with me, I just cast that off. It makes more room for me to bring the good past with me. I reach back for that energy! Back then I had less noise and had thoughts of what I would like to do in life… I had time to imagine, hope and dream. I incorporate what I have learned about road -mapping to make the dream come true and the actual dream energy and it’s amazing.

Another energy creator that comes from the time machine is watching many of the dreams that I had that actually came true. I had a lot of travel aspirations and it’s amazing to think of all the places that I have traveled to in my lifetime so far.. England, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Finland and several states in the US. Most of it was not on my own dime.. I used my creativity to get there. I was motivated. I am still fulfilling those travel aspirations. I desire to pass that down to my children and find ways to take my whole family to see many places. If I can find ways to travel to all these places, what else can I make happen? I applied that tenacity to finding a husband and found a great one! Going back lets me see what I have accomplished and reminds me of some of the things I left behind but still love. I go and recapture those dreams and incorporate them into my road map, back then..I wasn’t sure how to reach those dreams.

This time machine also reminds me to have more fun. I remember when my life was totally motivated by having fun. I can’t expect to live every moment of my day motivated by fun but it’s certainly a good thing to enjoy life and have fun. Going to that concert was a blast! Why should my kids have all the fun? While I make sure they have fun, I need to think back to the day and make sure I have my fun too.

There is something to glean from the past. I have learned to let go of painful or hurtful things.. and make room for the great times I had and to think of the dreams, to think about the plans I had for my life and build on those dreams and plans. I love the energy I grabbed as I went back in time.

One of my favorite memories from back then was going to the skating rink. I felt so free on those skates. It was a place to meet lots of new people and meet up with friends, it was about meeting new boyfriends and listening to the music of the time. When I learned to skate backwards I felt such a great sense of accomplishment.

What is your favorite memory?