It was the 26th of January 1980…. I was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live (it was a dangerous thing that my dad did…putting a TV in my room so I could stay up late at night and watch alternative stuff). I didn’t always pay attention to the band but this night they had this band on that was retro (60’s retro) looking and when they started playing… they sounded retro! I fell in LOVE with the band!!

The following Monday at school lots of people were talking about it (that’s what we did back in the old days… talk about TV shows we watched over the weekend). LOTS of people thought the band was just too weird and “what where they singing about a lobster for?”. I thought they were totally captivating!

When I was in high school I was NOT all about babysitting. I wasn’t a baby person and I’m still not but I had these next door neighbor who had a son who slept well and they would have me come over about 8 after he was in bed. While I was babysitting I found they had a B-52s album (YES Vinyl) and I would listen to it and dance around their living room while I baby sat (that and fix his Rubik’s cube). Turns out, the guy was a GA Tech graduate and had seen the band perform up in Atlanta. He had 2 of the same album and he gave me one, it was simply titled The B-52’s.

I took this album home and listened to it on my brothers stereo. He started liking it and he went and bought their other album Wild Planet. I still know all the words to all their songs from both of those albums. Mesopotamia was an awesome album too.. ALL their stuff is awesome.

As long as I have been a fan of theirs, I never saw them live. They preformed locally about 5 years ago but it was on my son’s birthday so I didn’t get to go. This year, made a decision and took action. I heard a message in my personal development call about how we buy what we want and don’t buy what we should (consumerism…) and we do what we should and not what we want.. and that’s pretty much backward. To me that means people are trying to BUY life experiences rather than DO life experiences.

When I found out they were going to be at the Arizona Fall Frenzy I was IN! There was nothing that was going to stop me from finally seeing my favorite all time band! …and it didn’t! Last Friday, I was at the concert and saw them live and they were still incredible after 30+ years of performing.

B52sThis photo is from my phone… not the greatest but at least I snapped one.

The reason I fell in love with The B-52s and why they became my all time favorite band… simple.. they are fun and energetic! They don’t sound like everyone else (or anyone else). They are still fun and energetic, I could see and feel that they still love what they do. It’s not a total drag for them to perform… they still love their old stuff as much as their new stuff. They honor all their music.

What an accomplishment for them to hold on to their energy, to keep themselves invigorated even in the face of personal tragedy. I am inspired by them every time I hear their music. To see them live was huge for me. As a train in England goes down the tracks… there is a wire on top of the train that snatches energy from overhead currents as they connect along the route…. I snatched a good bit of energy from them as I listened to their music and watched them perform.

Sometimes you just have to do something you want.. make it non negotiable. Allow yourself to have a moment by fulfilling this want. Don’t let anything stand in your way.