I have observed quite a number of detoxes and cleanses every where I go, they are at the drug store, the grocery store, the chiropractor, compounding pharmacy and then there are lots of companies who offer some great detoxes and cleanses. If you have not done a detox or cleanse… or even if you have and have plans to do others.. there are questions you should ask:

The first question to ask is what the detox is for…. are you trying to clean out the sludge in your colon? … are you wanting to clean out your liver (filter)?… do you want to get rid of all the metals in your body? … exactly what is it that you are trying to get rid of? Once that is determined then consider the 2 common types… herbal supplement or shakes/drinks. Herbals are gentle and if you have never done one before, consider doing an herbal cleanse. Chose one that lasts for a short period of time. My first cleanse was an herbal detox that was to clear out my colon (after my mom had a tumor removed from her colon). It was only a 7 day detox and I had to cut back on sugar, caffeine and no red meat. Other than that I could eat like I normally do. It was recommended by my compounding pharmacist and it turned out to be a great start.It was by a company called Doctors for Nutrition.

Timing is important as well. If you know you have a big wedding to go to or a family event that will serve things you know you will eat or drink then wait until the occasion is over. There’s no point in starting it when your temptations will be right in front of you.

Once you chose one and find a time to start be sure that you are regular. Eat enough fiber to have at least 2 bowel movements a day(3 is ideal). A cleanse will clear out the toxins in your body, if you flush them out and they sit in your colon, your body will re-absorb them. It would be a waste of time and money to do that. Eat plenty of fiber and fresh raw fruits and vegetables. *the primitive diet. Drink plenty of water to help flush everything through.

When you have completed your detox, do what you can to avoid being contaminated by toxins again. Sugar and sweets as well as meat and dairy should be minimal …if at all…avoid OTC drugs as much as possible, look for alternative ways to treat a stomach ache or cramps or headaches… change out your toxic household products such as cleaners, laundry detergent and window cleaners and take a look at what is in your cosmetics cabinet. Cosmetics include deodorant (antiperspirants usually contain aluminum and other toxins) soap, shower gel, powder, lotion and make up. Most cosmetics contain carcinogens, toxins and or hormone disruptors.

To find out if your cosmetics are toxic you can go to www.safecosmetics.org they are linked with the skin deep website which tell you the toxicity level of whatever cosmetics you use. There is also a link to the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Manufacturers who are committed to making safe cosmetics have signed this compact.

I personally chose Neways, they list every ingredient to each product on the website…including any fragrances (by law, companies do not have to list the ingredients of their fragrances… it’s a secret). I’m not sure that there is any company that is 100% non toxic but it’s worth it to switch out some of the definite toxic things in your household and cosmetics cabinet.

It seems overwhelming but if you think about the fact that you didn’t get all these toxins over night, it took some time, just slowly switch out your old eating habits for new… change out your cosmetics as you run out. There’s no need to go out and spend a lot of money and get rid of all the stuff in hour house and all… when you run out of mascara, get a non toxic, when you run out of laundry detergent, replace it with one that doesn’t contain dyes and phosphates.

Getting rid of toxins in our bodies take a bit of work but our bodies will thank us later down the road, we will have less carcinogens, free radicals, toxins and hormone disruptors in our bodies. You will soon notice less inflammation, more energy, and peace of mind.

You can find this article on EmpowHer.com it’s a great website for women who desire to drive their own health care.