Over a  year and a half ago my friend, Nancy, from college, kept inviting me to join Facebook. I kept thinking I didn’t want to join another web community. Then I came across my friend Andy on another website and he mentioned it, and that there were a lot of friends from college on there… so.. I relented.

I was amazed at how many college friends were on. I started catching up with a lot of friends that I had lost touch with and wondered where they were.

Having been someone who has moved a lot and participated in so many different types of communities, there were so many more to find. The great thing is that my own past showed up on my front door. Literally. People were referred to me that I hadn’t heard from in ages, from High school, college, England, old jobs, old churches. It’s amazing.

No only have I been able to rekindle some great friendships but I have also made some new friends. Through the course of comments on some friends walls and some banter back and forth, I have connected with friends of friends. I have also become friends with people who were interested in networking for business and have actually made a wonderful friend/business relationship with a new friend in Canada, Jody.

It’s been great catching up with old friends from my past and it’s been great making some business contacts and even meeting new friends but the greatest thing I have found is that I get to go back in time and connect with people I only loosely connected with from high school or college or any of the other communities I was involved in. It has been a great gift to get to know more of the people from my past and appreciate who they are now and who they were then. It is great getting to know their families through their photos and sayings.

There is so much potential on Facebook. I am even getting to know some of my own neighbors better and parents of kids friends. As far as family goes, it is so great for me to connect with my cousins in other places and see their kids progress and see what activities they are participating in. I feel a sense of closeness with them even though I can’t be around them as much as I like.

I know people are critical of Facebook and say it takes away from face to face personal relationships but I find that untrue. I have met local people on Facebook who are now in the flesh, live friends that I have met with in person several times. It’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

I have found it handy for spreading information quickly with little effort, my husband has used it this summer to inform his youth group about activities at the last minute with sudden changes in plans. He’s used it to organize impromtu get togethers.

Now you know what the big deal is with Facebook, what do you think?