I was on a blog talk radio show today and we were talking about goal setting. It’s easy enough to write down a bunch of stuff you want to do but it’s not always easy how to figure out what you want. Lots of people want to set them but they don’t know how to set goals.

We started out talking about what types of goals to set. You can set goals concerning any area of your life: relationships, business, personal, health, education. The list could go on and on. Find the area of your life that you would like to work on and define what your goals are.

We defined how to build a roadmap to goals. When coaching, we will ask a person what they would like to do, what are their dreams and what do they hope to accomplish? What are they passionate about? That way we know what result they desire.

If you are writing goals ask yourself what you desire to do and then what you are willing to do to get it.  The next step is to ask yourself, what can I do now, today, to start? For example, if you want to learn to golf, you need to find a golf instructor then find out how much it is. The steps progress from there. Simple enough.

An element that many forget is how to feel the success. Each step along the way is like a mini goal. Celebrate each success and keep your eye on the goal.

Take care of business first. If you are starting out with a new goal or dusting off some old ones, take care of that thing that is nagging you.  I have a friend who was interested in looking for a different way to support herself but the thing nagging her was that she wasn’t happy with where she was living. She couldn’t get motivated to do anything because she didn’t like her apartment. So she had to take care of that before she moved on for a career search. Then she was free to start on the rest of her life.

Define what success is and give it a measurability. To be a leader, it doesn’t have to mean you lead large crowds. If you desire to be a leader and you have one person following you, you are a leader. If you want to be a sales person and one person makes a purchase from you, you are a sales person. If you can do it for one thing, it is duplicatable to other areas.

When you set goals be mindful of your state of mind. Many people set goals at the beginning of a new year and call them resolutions. Many have broken resolutions by the next week. It becomes a habit, I had a relative whose New Years resolution every year was to quit smoking. If you have a habit of breaking the resolutions then that’s not the right frame. Any time of year is a good time to set goals. I think my birthday is a good landmark and my son pointed that out to me very well. He will be 8 next month and on my birthday this year he made me a card that said “Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!”, advancing in a new year of you life is a great time to reflect and look to the future. Special days of the year are great for reflection and re-evaluation.

If you do get off track, that’s not the end. You can choose to give up and be derailed or you can see it as a detour. If you choose to see it as a detour then you can find the road back and start where you left off.

Be tenacious and write it in stone. Make it non negotiable. My son wants a video game system, he’s wanted it for several months. He has asked me, asked dad, asked Nana etc, he works lemonade stands and bugs me and bugs me. He will not give up, he really wants this, it’s his goal to get it and nothing will stop him. He has taught me some lessons on goals with out a doubt and he will be getting what he desires for his birthday.

Work on the values that will get you your goal. If you wish to teach then take a speaking class, work on communication skills. Start writing a blog. Whatever you can do to do what a teacher does, do that. If you want to lead people, work on self accountability. If you desire to lose weight, make health your number one value.

Accountability is one of the largest factors once you have written your goals. It’s great if you can find an accountability partner. Pick someone to mastermind with or who you are sure will hold you to what you say. If you don’t have anyone like that, just tell everyone you know “I’m going to travel europe in 2 years” if you tell enough people, they will start asking you what you are doing to reach your goal, they will check in on that. Making bold statements always holds you accountable.

Write the list, accept the acheivements, dont’ get derailed and never, ever, ever give up.

What is a goal you are working on?