So we have this cat who decided to move in with us. She’s all black and long fur and kinda grouchy so I started calling her Salem, like the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

One of the things she loves to do when she gets all frisky is play kitty peek-a-boo; she gets a wild look in her eyes when I walk by and chirps. So I go hide around the corner and peek at her which gets her all wound up. She then stalks me and bats at me. That’s kitty peek-a-boo.

I got home tonight and i see her sitting at the top of the stairs (which are C-shaped) with the look so I ran across the room to play peek-a-boo. I peeked at her a couple of times assuming she would run down to the next level of steps. What she did was try and get her head through the spindles. (quite the contrast with the black cat and the white spindles) So she’s all wound up and decided to turn her head sideways and poke it through to try and see me better. I peeked out and hid and she must have forgotten how she got her head through the spindles because the next thing I hear is scratching, her freaking out trying to get her head out of the spindles.

HAHAHAHA¬† I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. She finally calmed down and remembered to turn her head sideways and got herself out. Perhaps she will not play kitty peek-a-boo on the stairs anymore.