I am friends with a lot of very conservative people. Some have even seen natural medicine as being from the devil or bordering on dabbling in witchcraft. I have other friends who have just always trusted MDs because that’s what they grew up with and that’s who they just go to.

I also have friends who tried that route and got no joy. They have tried everything else and got no joy and a naturopath was their last resort.

I have watched my parent aquire more and more prescriptions as they age. I personally believe that the medication might help with one problem but cause another, then there is a medication for that then another problem arises and so on. I felt like their treatments were making them more unhealthy. Over the years they have unwittingly abused their bodies with foods and medicines approved by the FDA.

This not indended to rip apart the medical as you will see in my article submitted to EmpowHer.com :


“I have also found that I can get more conclusive results with some issues that I couldn’t get with a regular doctor.”

“My daughter also got some ADD testing done. When I took her to her pediatrician he said there was no “test” to determine if she was ADD, he just asked her a few questions and determined she was ADD. There was no saliva, no urine, no blood no nothing to take a physical test. I found that bothersome.”

I have found alternative sources to be a great benefit. Perhaps you would as well. What do you think?