I started my blog in the Fall last year. My husband has been blogging for quite some time whether it was on someone elses interactive blog or his own. For a long time I wasn’t sure what blogging was and thought that it was probably pretty complicated.

Turns out, blogging is very easy and I have found that the more I write, the more I find I have to say.

At first I worried about the right words or sentence structure and then I worried whether the content was ok. I found that if I just started writing and not worrying about all that stuff that I had a pretty good article. The more I wrote and the more that people responded, the more confident I was about my content.

I used to struggle about what to write. I didn’t know what people would want to read. I always thought that all my thoughts were random thoughts but that turned out to be my content. I started writing about some of the things I learned in personal development, then I would address things that had come up in conversation like “what is success?”.  Tid bits of conversations really inspired me to think about the subject more, so much so that Iwould write down the idea so I wouldn’t lose my inspiration.

It’s also a great place to talk about a business you might have and would like to promote. If it is strictly for business then write some content that adds value, don’t just write “buy my stuff” articles but give some tips on how your product or service adds value to peoples lives. For instance, if you are a photographer, you might write articles on how to take a good photograph or what time of day is good for a certian type of shot.

One huge thing blogging has done for me personally is not only to help me work on my communication skills but to organize my thoughts. Sometimes when I have a conversation about something I have already blogged about I refer people to my blog because they can get a greater understanding for what my thoughts are. It shows them a series of thought, there for, a journal (or school) of thought that they might be able to relate to.

I personally write to share inspire others with issues in their lives, and to share personal experiences with others who are able to relate. I also share personal issues that might help others. I share about menopause, personal inspirations that might help others and sometimes I rant. There are some parenting experiences that I share in hopes of getting some input about parenting and step parenting. I will also be blogging about growing up as an army brat and how it makes my life different than someone who grew up in the same place.  I do ocassionally write about my business and how it is a useful tool for anyone and I share that link on my blog too.

It’s not about the spelling, the sentence structure, the right words or impressing anyone. It’s about sharing thoughts and ideas.  It’s about finding that thing deep inside that bugs, inspires, confuses or annoys you.

What should you be blogging about?