That’s right, your body talks to you and it tells you how to take care of it.

I just wrote an article about what my body does to reach me, to tell me what’s going on, when something isn’t right.

All of those conditions I attributed to the stresses of life, having gone through relationship changes, working in a bad environment and just plain ol’ getting older. What I didn’t realize was that it was my body saying “hey, something is about to change”. It’s so subtle and the symptoms creep up.

I know I was listening to my body subconciously because I started changing my eating habits, I took more time for myself, I started to seek out more productive and positive realationships, I left the job that was stressing me out, I started doing yoga and going to the chiropractor.

My body started talking to me on another level. I talk about it in the full article seen here.

What is your body telling you?