I found a website for women that is great for encouraging women to take charge of their own health issues. It’s called www.EmpowHer.com They have a great contributing staff and answer a lot of questions. It’s a great community. It’s such a great place I decided to share my own experience and write for them.

Here is part of my story:

As I approached 42 I had this crazy 6-week period that suddenly turned into blood clots. It freaked me out, but turns out that’s what happens sometimes.

The emergency room was no help. When I got to the OBGYN a couple of days later they basically told me I was perimenopausal (perimenopausal is what you are in the time period before menopause. You are menopausal when you have had a whole year of no period).

The doctor told me I could go on the pill, or I could have an ablation or I could go on progesterone. He wanted me to take the progesterone right away to stop the bleeding. Then I said the N word… “do ya have anything that is a NATURAL treatment?”. He gave me a “natural” hormone made from horse hormone (I won’t mention how they get it).

It’s not a topic that a lot of women discuss and doctors don’t tell us a lot about what to expect. I wanted to share this story so it might belp other women know about what may be happening.

I would love any comments here or on the website itself or even questions regarding this. I would love to know how I can share with others to assist them.

Here is the full story http://www.empowher.com/news/herarticle/2009/05/01/im-too-young-menopause