As I grew into adulthood I could never did like the smell of coffee. My mom was more of a tea drinker so I followed suit. I have always been a tea drinker and love my tea.

Tea is a comfort thing for me. I know the sterotype in England is that tea will fix everything. Some tragedy happens and then there is someone putting the kettle on next. Putting the kettle the indirect way for brits to say “I want to comfort you”. Before I lived in England, for a couple of years, I would drink any ol’ hot tea. When I lived in Coventry, I learned what good tea is, I even go to import stores and get some when there is no one I know making a trip to England that I can bribe or if I can’t find some stranger in the UK online who I can charm into mailing me some. (Yes, I have done that).

Since I returned to the US in 1991, I just can’t take bad tea. On occasion I will pick up some random Ceylon (oh my favorite blend) and try it out.. I know, it’s never going to be as good but lots of times I will get lucky and it’s good. It’s always risky drinking tea when I’m out, tea seems to be the bastard child if you go to any place that focuses on coffee “we have 8 million coffees, and oh, here are our 4 teas (usually some weird fruity thing)” I always end up with an English Breakfast blend OR if there is a turine with hot water in it, it’s iffy..I’s probably had coffee in it …and they don’t clean that out well and well, the tea just ends up smelling like coffee.. BLECH!

Why all the tea talk, it’s kind of a rant but not really, because what this really to say that life is too short for bad tea. Seriously, I can’t just accept the tea I am given. I’m not drinking bad tea. If I pay $2 for a cup of tea and it sucks, I throw it away. If I buy some at the store and it is stale, I toss it.

Life is too short for bad tea! I won’t accept anything below my standard. If I am that way about my tea, imagine what my life is like anywhere else! If I won’t accept bad tea, I certianly won’t accept less in my relationships, my work, my spiritual life..or any place else.

Are you drinking the bad tea because that is what you were served, or are you holding out for the good stuff..finding out where the good tea is?