As I was preparing some side dishes for a big family dinner this weekend, I had a lot of blending and slicing to do.

As I was making a fruit salad I remembered that the last time I wanted to slice some strawberries I used my egg slicer. Funny that it’s called an egg slicer when it slices so many other things like strawberries and banannas. It’s shaped for eggs and is named an EGG slicer but works quite well on other things.

I then started to make some deviled eggs. I can’t use the egg slicer because of the eggs need to be halved but as I started to chop the yolks.. I had  a thought, I could use my PASTRY blender to mash up my yolks and save a lot of time and effort.  I have been making these eggs for over 20 years and never thought to use that tool that I have always had in my kitchen. WOW what a difference. It made the job so much easier.

I thought about these tools and why they are named and EGG slicer and a PASTERY blender. Naming these tools in such a way limits the way some may think of this tool. I can use these tools for many things but never thought to just because of the name the tool was given.

I have done this in my own life, I have tools that I have used in business that I could have applied to my love life  yet it took me years to figure that out and apply it. I called it a “work ethic” to show up and be present, to pursue what I want and need.  After 2 divorces I finally realized that  what I called a “work ethic” was also a great love ethic. I applied what I knew about being successful at a job to finding a relationship for myself and it worked beautifully. I stood up for what I wanted, I was present in the relationship and I didn’t take any crap. I found myself in an amazing relationship.

What tools do you have that you are limiting to only one area of your life? Couldn’t you use that tool and apply it to another area?