As I find myself liking the options that my “western” doctor gives me less and less, the more I have been seeking out alternatives and here is something I have figured out…..

People seem to be diagnosed with these odd diseases that didn’t seem to exist before or people are being diagnosed more and more with depression or anxiety or bi polar. What is going on??

I have a theory on some of it. I don’t want to make a blanket statement because A) I can’t speak for every case and B) I’m not a doctor …BUT.. what if a LOT of diagnosis were wrong and maybe it had to do with our hormones. MEN do not run screaming out of this article because I’m talking about yours too.

I can only speak regarding the world around me so let me describe a bit of this world of mine, I am 43 (almost 44) I have a lot of friends my age and older, I am a parent, I work, I am in the midst of discovering who I really am and have discarded people in my life who are negative life suckers.  I am internally focused on my self development and externally focused on inequity, people who are in need and investing in mutual relations.

It’s expected when one hits their 40s that their bodies change and there is less energy and they start to slow down a little. I had this idea that it wasn’t going to happen to me. Well…it did.. or started to. Life changes hit me like a ton of bricks last year. The good news is that I had already started investing in these quality relationships and taking care of myself that I was surrounded by good people with sound advice. I ended up at a compounding pharmacy at the recommendation of my chiropractor/yoga teacher (Thanks Dr. Michone) . This pharmacist (Dr. Troy Allbright) had me do a saliva test. He said that this test is much more accurate than a blood test. I also filled in a 4 page paper asking about symptoms. When the results came in I spent over an hour talking to him. WOW What health care worker spends a whole hour with JUST YOU?? 

Dr. Troy was trained in western pharmacy. 10 years ago he had women in his life who were sure a method of birth control caused their cancer and he started researching. Since then he has derived that bioidentical hormones were the best way to treat hormonal issues. He doesn’t just treat women, he treats men too. Mens hormones can be the cause of many symptoms too.

Rather than take the advice of my regular OB/GYN I took matters into my own hands and found a better answer through research and being open to different options. One size DOES not fit all. For women, if we are treated with hormones- it’s usually a one pill for all deal. These progesterone pills prescribed are made by man. Every man made thing that goes into our bodies causes some sort of adverse affect. Even the “natural” hormones they prescribe are from HORSES. Horse hormones are not fit for human consumption. Not only are hormones injected into our foods (so not good for us) but it is created naturally by plants and the consumption of those plants should be in moderation. Soy is a product that everyone should only consume in small amounts because our body converts it into bioidentical hormone..

I went with the bioidentical because the amount is determined for me and my liver doesn’t have to process it. It’s a cream, I rub it on. Skin absorbs everything into your system (that’s right kids, quit writing on your body) and it aids your liver in not having to process excess stuff (like a pill). It has done wonders for me.

I also took Dr. Troys advice and got, not only a quality multivitamin supplement but a high quality C supplement and an adrenal supplement. My adrenals were exhausted and that is caused by the stress my body was under. My symptoms are much better and I understand that I’m going to be a little more “out there” or assertive.

I also felt so glad that I am found a good method to help ease me into this that I found a seminar that I dragged my friends to. I wanted them to see that some of the “symptoms” of getting older weren’t just in their minds or just the way it is. I wanted them to see they had options. Dr Tina Markantel, who is a naturopath, did a great seminar. She also writes a great blog all about it.

I just started Dr, Christiane Northrups book “The Wisdom of Menopause” and wow, reading the intro I like it already. I recommend it for men and for women.. so far. I can update you on that later.

I will include the links for these wonderful people mentioned. Please have those hormones checked if you have some mystery thing going on or feel that your diagnosis isn’t quite right. It could be the hormones….what do you think?