I know of so many people who are job searching. Tons of people are getting laid off which means it’s more difficult to find another job. There are two ways to look at getting laid off:

One way of looking at it is to see yourself as jobless and feel as though the world is falling apart around you. The second way might be to see it as an opportunity.

“What?? How is that an opportunity?” One might ask.

If  I were to ask people what they would do with their time if they didn’t have to work I know that many would say work out more, travel, spend more time with their family and etc. What I would hear a lot of people say, as well, is volunteer or help others. There is the opportunity right there. So many families could do with more time together. Moms and Dads at home means more time with the kids and each other.  It’s a great time to clean up your house and sort through things that have needed to get done. I heard the example the other day of a guy who was laid off over the summer and decided to help his sister out and take care of her 3 kids during the summer break. He didn’t realize what a huge gift that was until he was at the funeral of the oldest child he had looked after and cared for just 5 months after this serving experience. What a gift to have spent his summer with this child that he will never see again.

I would propose that while those who have been laid off are looking for work, why not use that extra gift of time to either spend time with family and/or volunteer. Instead of sitting at home being depressed about your own situation and spending energy worrying, why not go to your favorite organization and see how you can serve. If you don’t have a favorite organization, ask around or see what area you would like to help with and find a group that does that. Even if you have no transportation.. find a place close by or find out if they can transport you there or find things you can do to help from your own home. Not only that but, when you complete your resume you have something new to add, you could show a potential employer that you have made good use of your time off and are creative with your time rather than sitting at home wasting time.

How amazing would it be if just 25% of the laid off people were able to volunteer??