Hey that’s a big buzz word right now. Especially in this economy. So many people are concerned with their investments right now and are focused on salvaging.

I won’t pretend to be an economist. I appreciate your efforts in high school Mr. Graper but numbers bore me. I know that there is a stock market to invest in and that there are other ways to invest money and get more back.

I also know that there are business investments and although I don’t completely understand the money side of that, I do understand the relationship side of that. I know that if I want to advance in the business world that I need to have relationships with those in a position that I would like to be in.

I believe that a lot of people focus on the business relationships in their lives but can that be converted into personal relationships? Yes.

Personally, mutual relationships have served me well in all areas of life. I have spent the last year investing in people who aren’t just like me, but have areas of their life that I wish to emulate. It’s mutual. I am willing to invest in their lives and serve them as needed and get to know their heart, who they are, what they love, their passions, I ask them about themselves. Doing that gives me the opportunity to do 2 things; I get to know where they are, what their strengths are, what I can learn from them and pick their brains on how they got where they are in that area of life; but I also get to find out what their weaknesses are or to help them identify those weaknesses and help coach them along in areas where I am strong.

One sided relationships usually don’t last long, needy people get old fast. One has to be a contribution to have true friends and good relationships and at the same time, one can’t only be the contributor  all the time.

I have learned that a working relationship has to be mutual and I have also learned that a meaningful friendship has to be mutual. Now before I can be a contribution I need to invest in myself. I have been on a path of personal development and coaching this past year because if I don’t invest in myself, who else will?

I was inspired to write this today when I read this blog. http://www.randygage.com/blog/relationships

Thank you for your contribution to this thought.

I also have had great inspiration and coaching from the Human Communications Institute. www.communicatgreat.com

 This isn’t an advertisement, I don’t get any kick backs for connecting anyone with these people. I have benefited and have grown by investing in me.

What sort of relationship are you in, with any of the people in any aspect of your life?