I just don’t have a snappy opening for this one folks.

Over the course of the years (43 of them) I have developed several personalities. Some are intentional, some occour with the progression of life. As I have developed these identites , I have compartmentalized them.

I felt as though I should always be mature as I get older, I mean, that’s what I am supposed to do right? Isn’t it? The answer is yes. I should be mature and responsible but I am finding that it doesn’t mean I can’t still be fun Charlotte or pursue other adventures.

I was thinking that I should be fun in High School, studiuos in college, churchy and wifey when I got married, at work I should be a hard worker. As a parent now I should be parental.  At any given time, I was being one or two of those people. I would focus in and give up other parts of me but then I would get tired of it. It was boring JUST being a worker or JUST being a student. What I have realized is that I am still all those people, I’m a student, I’m fun, I’m a parent, I’m a hard worker, I’m spiritual and I can still be more.

One of the incorrect beliefs that I had was that I have to give up part of me to grow or advance to the next level of life. What I now know is that I can be all of those people. I can’t be all of them all the time, that would get chaotic, but I can change them out more often. Sometimes in life, one area will need more attention, I can put the other parts aside for a while but I don’t have to completely give it up. I can be all of these people with balance. 

Realizing that I can integrate all of these areas of me into one me has been liberating. They don’t have to clash at all. I am mature enough to know when to bring them out at the appropriate time. It’s great for someone like me who would easily get bored with the same old same old.

Have a wonderfully integrated day!