We have all probably done it. In the morning you get in your car, you drive to work and magically you are there, you don’t even remember the trip there. It’s like you snapped your fingers like Samantha from Bewitched and there you were…

It’s like you went into a trance; as if you got in the car and the world spun like a labyrinth and there you were.

Up until 2008, that is how I was living my life. I was existing and the world moved. I was doing the same old routine, not much out of the ordinary. I would go on the occasional vacation or visit a new restaraunt or meet a few new people but the rest was a total routine.

I think routine is necessary …to a degree.  As a parent I believe children need a routine BUT they (and I) need to move out of the ordinary a little more often. I have discovered that I can have a routine for my family and then in my own time, I can experience something new.

What started this? For me, it was starting a new business for myself. The company I decided to do direct sales for strongly encourages self development and so the process began. I started taking some tele-seminars and learning more about myself. Coaching has changed my outlook on life and has encouraged me to break out of the trance that I was in. I began to see that there was more to life than cooking dinner, washing clothes and cleaning. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things for my family it’s just that I found I should be doing more.

So I made a concious decision to take golf lessons and did so with some other women. There is just one more thing I can do with my husband when we (one day) become empty nesters. I made a concious decison to get to know more of the people in my church and neighborhood. I started inviting these women to lunch so I could get to know them.  I invested in more coaching. Then I started finding that I had a great deal of influence so I started coaching others. I have made the decision to be a more concious giver. I had a desire to assist others in need so I became concious of those around me doing that same thing and decided to help in some of the areas  were they serving.

I found that all of this took very little effort and that I wasn’t adding extra stuff as much as I was enhancing my life and also enhancing the lives of those around me. I desire to assist others to break out of their trance.

This subject touches on some other areas of life that I will address in a later blogs. This is primary for me personally because I found that until I made the concious decision to break out of this trance, I could not progress.

It’s like the Pepsi comercial where the people are all lame then they drink a Pepsi and the world is more wonderful. I see now that there is so much for for me and my family. I used to think that some people were just lucky and had everything find them, now I know that they are just people who are aware and look for the things in life that they desire. I have come out of my trance into the concious. Won’t you join me?