Now that the end of the year is coming up I know so many people review and think about resolutions.

Although this is a good thing, I always think that any time of year is a good time to make resolutions and find it odd that many people only do it once a year. When I think about it, there are many events or occassions that would prompt me to make new resolutions or decisions and take action. A new year is the obvious one, but what about my birthday, what about the anniversary of when I met my partner, what about my childs birthday, what about the anniversary of the day I signed up for my own business. It could be anything, the day a person survived some big event, the day someone ended a bad relationship, a visit with family or friends, whatever it is, think of it as a prompt to re-visit resolutions and adjust them. Re-set your goals at anytime, not just once a year.

If I have a challenge along the way, I don’t need to wait until the next year to start again. Once I recognize where I am, that I am off track, I can re-direct my focus and reconnect with the track at a different point.  In Virginia, right outside Washtington DC, there are 2 roads that run parallel…sort of. I 66 and HWY 29. I 66 s a straight shot, HWY 29 meanders and crosses 66 every so often so that If I desired to get off of 66 and go down 29 I have several opportunities. If I stayed on 66 and did not get back to 29 I may eventually end up on another Interstate, which would take me way off course.

It’s much better for me to stay close to the course and get back on as often as possible. Life presents us with challenges on a regular basis but we can’t let those challenges dictate our lives. Having several points during the year to prompt us to evaluate where we are is key. Take care of the challenge and have a time frame for getting back to the goal(s).

This year has been a big year. I have accepted a lot more positive challenge in my life and have accomplished so much. I hadn’t realized it until I was on a self development call and listened to others talk about their accomplishments. My daily growth had become such an integral part of my life that I didn’t recognize that I had already accomplished so much of what I wanted to acheive. Although I got off track with an area, I am able to take the time to get back on track with that and create more goals for myself. Looking back was crucial in forming my future. If I can acheieve that much in 2008, I am totally psyched about what I can accomplish in 2009. 

Take a moment to document the accomplishments or derailments and write out your goals. If you are not sure what those accomplishments are, ask the people in your life. It’s easier for them to recognize them at times.

Remember, if you can accomplish in one area of your life, you can apply it in another area. If someone else can do it, so can you.