When I was a kid I wanted EVERYTHING for Christmas. Anything that was on TV, anything someone else had, anything at all…. even clothes (ok, cool clothes and those are never the ones I got). Now that I’m older, I dread the question. At my age I have everything I need and don’t want for much, and things I do want are things people don’t want to do… like golf lessons or pay for a course I want to take. So this year I finally figured out what I want for Christmas!!!

I know that people want to honor me for the holidays and let me know that I am important to them, I totally get that. I know that people try to please me with a well intended gift and I do appreciate the effort and thought that goes into it. It’s often difficult for those you have an intimate relationship with to know what to get, much less extended family or connections. I don’t want a gift for the sake of a gift and I don’t like a lot of clutter in my house so I don’t really collect things and well personal items are just that… personal. The likelyhood of someone getting me just that right thing is not that good, then I just end up feeling bad that someone spent money on a gift I don’t like or will never use or a card for a store I would never shop in.

SO this year for Christmas I want… a gift for someone else. I have what I need and so much of what I want. What I would love this year is for those who chose to give me a gift is to give a gift to someone else for me. There are so many in need and I have so much. I know that homeless families in Phoenix who spend a year or so getting homeless families acclamated back into some normalcy need help with electricity or housing or groceries, or a farmer in Peru who is barely living could do with a llama, or a child in Bangladesh could use sponsorship. There are groups that I have personally come in contact with and individuals who I call friends and love dearly help out with.

If you are having trouble with what you want or what to get someone think about making a contribution to these groups in someones name or think about asking for this as a gift. So many more people are struggling this year and there are a lot less funds to go around. I couldn’t think of anything I would like more than to help someone else (alright well, there are some very specific things but if I have to get them, pick them out, try them on etc… that’s just a gift to myself). There are some that are Chrisian organizations but they don’t dangle the christian carrot. They give because it’s their mission and they don’t expect anything in return or demand conversion. They are very respectful of the cultures they are working with.