Of course I miss members of the family when they are gone for a period of time. As it happened this weekend, Christian and Ashlyn went to an overnight youth event and Hally went to spend the night at a friends and stayed all day. That left me and Jake.

Last night Jake and I went shopping and got a couple of movies that I let him pick out. Usually we have to do the democtratic thing or just make the selection for the kids. This time, he got to pick. I made dinner and we ate in front of the TV and when we finished our dinner, we ate some snacks that we picked up at the store. Then when the movie was over, we watched cartoons in my bed until we fell asleep.

Today I had a ladies coffee that I like to go to so we had our breakfast and headed out for the coffee. Jake took his webkinz and some school work. He worked on his school work and was a good boy while I chatted with friends and he actually finished it all. The guy at the coffee shop gave Jake a free cookie for being so good.

After we got home from the coffee shop, we had lunch then played webkinz. I decided it was time to get a little housework done so when I started Jake asked if he could vacuum. He vacuumed his room (which he cleaned earlier) and then the hall and then the stairs. Now he is watching the second movie we picked, it’s a Wubzy movie. I get to sit and type about our great day together. I don’t like to spoil my kids all the time but it’s nice once in a while to have some one on one time and do it once in a while.

That was/is my great day.