So, I have this event and I need some nice pants. They don’t have to be super expensive looking or anything, just professional looking. I head out to the store..

I figure my best shot is a place like Burlington Coat Factory since they have lots of different makers and lots of pairs of pants. I should have grabbed a shopping cart for all the pants. I’m sure I tried on at least 25 pairs of pants from the ladies department.

I’m not sure who designers are making pants for but I think they have forgotten that women generally have a smaller waist than hips. That is still the case for me. I’m used to most pairs of pants not fitting flush to my waist but WOW, it’s like they make the waist bigger than the hips now. I would have thought that since pants don’t actually go all the way up to the waist that I would have a better shot of finding a pair that would actually fit. 25 pairs …to no avail. Not one pair of the trousers even came close to a good fit, not even with a belt or heels or anything. I did, however, find a cute blouse which is amazing because most of the blouses are made of either the ugliest fabric left over from the 70s or ..(since the styles are longer) don’t fit the hips AND the shoulders both OR they look like they were made for Cinderella with the satiny, poofy sleeves and belt thingy with bow.

I have limited time for all this so I head to Ross in the same shopping center. I pick up about 5 pairs (I wanted to be under the 5 item limit) and thank GOD the last pair would do. Yes would do… . They are a bit long (which is ok with heels) and still don’t hang extrememly well BUT they did go with the nice blouse find.

Next time, I’ll have to save a few more shekels and head out to Ann Taylor (the one in the discount mall) and purchase some real pants. Ones that actually fit a womans body, otherwise, I might as well shop in the mens department.

I can’t wait for fashion to change!!