It’s a question my internal voice has been asking for almost 43 years. What do I want to be when I grow up?

As a kid growing up I always had a huge heart for helping people in need. I just knew I wanted to help people. When  I was young it meant that I wanted to help poor people or people who didn’t have much, I wanted to meet their physical needs. Although my family didn’t have much money, we always had what we needed and at that point I knew that I still had more than a lot of people.

As an adult I still have a desire to help others. I have learned recently that  if I help people, I’m really doing it for them. Whatever it is, I’m doing it for them. When I assist others, then I am doing a better job. I can assist them to see for themselves who they can be, where they can go, that they can do well.

As I was writing about my identity a common theme occoured, coach. I am a coach.  A helper is not a leader, a coach is. What I want is not to help people at all, but to lead them, to coach them and assist them.

This is where I was approaching my business all wrong. I don’t want to help others to make money, I want to lead them into a career. I will coach others to be successful rather than kinda, sorta show them what I have. I am a leader,  a coach, a success. I can apply this to all areas of life and not just business.

Now that I’m all grown up, not only do I know what I want to be but I know who I am.