*Ring, Ring, Ring…”Hello, this is the Republican party” (caller) “Hi, yeah..this is your wake up call”. I have been registered as a republican since the day I turned 18. I have even campaigned for republicans running for office. I lived in Washington DC for several years and learned a lot about politics. So… why am I glad that Obama won? The Republican party has spent the last 20 years moving further and further to the right. It has been catering to the christian right and taking up “moral” issues and losing it’s original vision. The Grand Ol’ Party is not so grand anymore. The party originally was about less government and less bureaucracy and less spending. It wasn’t about legislating morals to people or capitalism. The Republican party has gotten way off track and last nights election should be a huge indicator that it’s time to change. It’s time to get back to less spending. George Bush has spent more money than any other president in the history of the United States of America. He got us into a war with a country that was not attacking us or anyone else at the time. Revolution in a country has to come from within. The main focus should have remained in Afghanistan and when do we ever see reports from there? I couldn’t even tell you what’s happening there. If we are going to spend money on a military I would rather we focus on getting the man who terrorized this country, Osama BinLaden. I do see the importance of keeping a strong military in this country but there is no need to go to other countries and get involved in their business. Again… it’s that whole “moral” influence. Original party ideas were individual freedom. What happened to that? Why is it that evangelical Christians feel the need to legislate morality? How can it be ok for us to go to war and kill innocent people yet they want to legislate abortion laws? How can executing criminals be ok? What about forgiveness? Why do the evangelicals think we need to legislate peoples personal lives? Do they think if we ban gay marriage that gay people will become un-gay? Proposition 102 in Arizona passed last night, PASSED… defining marriage as between a man and a woman. To me that is oppressing people, telling them that they are not as good and worthy or rights as the straight people. What I liked about McCain over the other candidates was that he was true to himself and was not running on an evangelical christian platform. He was interested in government and international law and taking care of Washington business. His campaign managers totally mis-managed his campaign by having him include the religious right once again. He was a maverick because he WASN’T pandering to the evangelicals then his managers convinced him to address them for the vote. THEN chosing Sarah Palin as a running mate… OK if the party selects a guy who is not religious right, why would they do that? Why would the Republican party try to go back to the religious right when the republican party made it clear, by selecting McCain, that the party wanted to move away from that? It just doesn’t make sense. If you are evangelical and you want people to be “moral” then do it on your own platform. That is what church is for. Make it your personal mission to show people who Jesus is by showing him to the people around you. You can’t beat Christianity into people, you have to show them. Practice what you preach and let the politicians make the laws. Republican party, take this wake up call and put it to good use. Take the party back from the extreme evangelicals and quit trying to legislate morals to a diverse country. This country is not about Christianity, it’s about freedom to chose. Evangelicals have made it clear that they do NOT want us to have the freedom to chose. Politics have nothing to do with religion. Let’s keep it that way.