For quite some time I have noticed that there is a job that is going rapidly, down hill. Back in the day it seemed like they had some pride, they cared about it, they took their time and they actually knew what they were doing.

I have noticed more and more lately that the baggers at the grocery store are lame. Did it start happening when they introduced plastic??? Was that the demise of quality bagging? Did grocery stores quit training people how to bag stuff? What is going on? Shouldn’t there be a school for that?

I went to the store today and bought some cleaning items and some food. I get that they don’t want to mix chemicals and food, in fact I appreciate it, but it’s rediculous when practically each item has it’s own bag. Why does 13 items need 4 bags? Don’t they know that those bags are polluting the earth and here they are making me carry all these bags with one or two items in them.

While I am on the subject.. why do they put big boxes, like cereal boxes, in side to side rather than handle to handle? That always tears up the bag, the box corner tears the bag. Why can’t they just put the box in handle to handle? Am I the only one noticing this stuff? Who tells them to do that? Who tells them to put a 12 pack of soda in a bag? There really is no point to that, you can’t even carry it with the handles. It’s got a built in handle. Maybe they are being paid off by the plastic bag companies…

Then when they are done loading my bags improperly (is that a real word?) they put them on the hooks of the child seat/purse holder. I don’t like that, when did they start doing that? They got the little loop things that stick up and they put the handles on there. It’s too hard to get off. I’m not old but I’m starting to feel the arthritis in my fingers. It’s always the watermelon they do it with too!!! I have to try and pull that thing up with out pinching my fingers.

There is no way I would ever let these people load my trunk either. Before I moved out to Arizona where no one loads your trunk I would always shoo them away. They would come over and just pick the stuff up outta my basket and looked upset if I told them know. I would joke and tell them.. “ha, hey that’s my only work out” and they would still try. I think “hey, if I can’t trust ya to load a bag, what makes you think I can trust you with my trunk?”.

I’m to the point where I am ready to load my own bags. I got used to it when I lived in England, I’m sure I can handle it.

So there it is, I don’t have a clever ending.