I have lived in Arizona since 2002 and one of the major adjustments coming from East to West was daylight savings time….

We don’t have daylight savings. We don’t need more daylight here. It’s hot when the sun is out, why would we want more of that? I mean really, it’s still 95 degrees in the middle of the day!! I have not missed not having daylight savings time at all. I always felt like it threw me off physiologically. I wonder if any sleep study people or psychaitrist groups have studied the affects of time change….

Here is one of the difficulties; other people in the country always want to know what time zone I’m in. Now, I’m not sure if you have noticed this but when you go to program your time zone on your palm pilot or your computer there is a time zone named Arizona. They have make a time zone just for us because we don’t change. Next time you program your time on a gadget.. take a look, I’m not kidding. People have a hard time with this in other states…”are you Pacific or Mountian” me “uhhh… what time is it there now?”, “oh it’s 4 here”, “ok it’s 2 here so i’m in Mountian, we don’t change time so we split and are Mountian then Pacific.” “You guys don’t change time…wow”. This always leads to a discussion about how nice it is and they wish they didn’t have daylight savings time. At this point… I am bored with that conversation but people seem to like it. It’s like the brits talking about weather.

I think they need to do away with it personally. I am liking not having to make that adjustment every 6 months. There are so many other things that can interfere with my body energy and sleep, I don’t need anything additional.

Now you know, Arizona doesn’t change time. Make a note of it would ya?